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Waldorf senior scores in top 15% on PRAXIS exam

Waldorf College
Dr. Rebecca Hill and Erin LarsenWaldorf College senior education major Erin Larsen knows the meaning of hard work. This September Larsen took two PRAXIS tests, one of the final steps to becoming a licensed teacher, and scored in the top 15% of all test takers who took the Content Knowledge test in previous years.

“PRAXIS is the last big hurdle to get over,” Larsen explained, who’ll be completing her final requirement of student teaching next semester. “I think the individual attention I’ve received at Waldorf has really helped.”

Larsen is a non-traditional student at Waldorf, having previously attended Waldorf for two years with an interest in psychology, transferred to another college, and later returning to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Now, married with three children and four step-children, Larsen has found her calling as a future educator for children with special needs.

“Watching how fast my own children are growing and learning really sparked my interest in education,” Larsen explained. “I have two nieces with special needs, and seeing the struggles and hardships they’ve been through has inspired me to be in the special education field.”

In addition to inspiration from her family, Larsen is also personally affected by a hearing loss disability. “Learning how to overcome that has really helped me handle other obstacles in my life.”

Associate Professor of Education Dr. Rebecca Hill serves as Larsen’s advisor and has taught her in multiple courses. “Erin has always been a pleasure to work with,” Hill said. “She has the challenge of her hearing impairment and being an extremely busy mom, but she has a wonderful work ethic and is willing to always go the extra mile.”

Hill also emphasized the difficulty of the PRAXIS tests.

“The PRAXIS tests are not easy, just like any other licensure exam. We’re very proud of Erin’s hard work. Not only did she score extremely well on the content knowledge test, but she took two PRAXIS tests on the same day and passed them both. Most students don’t attempt to take two at once.”

Larsen, from Scarville, Iowa, began her semester of student teaching in January in Forest City. She credits her passion for teaching to the caring teachers she had while attending Lake Mills Community School as a child.