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Waldorf Honors and Communications students to explore Europe

Waldorf College

FOREST CITY, IOWA| An enthusiastic group of Waldorf Honors College and Communications students will soon depart for a three week adventure in Europe. The group departs from Forest City, Iowa, Monday, May 12 and returns Monday, June 2.
Thirteen students and three faculty and alumni will visit cities in Italy, France, and England. Their stops include Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and London – just to name a few.  Prior to the trip, students research and study the artifacts, places, and cultures they will be experiencing during a six-session classroom preparation.
"We will be spending three weeks viewing and discussing art, architecture, and culture in some of the greatest of European cities,” Dr. Suzanne Falck-yi, director of Honors College said. She said this trip is important for Waldorf students because it will broaden their understanding of our cultural heritage. “Rather than viewing works of art in a book or online, students will stand up close to examine the contours of Bernini’s sculptures, grasp the impact of the Eiffel Tower on the Parisian cityscape as they climb its steps, and understand more vividly when standing in the Palace of Versailles why the commoners during the French Revolution rebelled against the excess luxury of King Louis XVI and the wealthy French at a time when many outside the palace were starving,” she said.
Dr. Falck-yi went on to say that this trip will be the first time many of the students leave the country, fly in an airplane, or navigate a city using only a map to guide them. “It’s quite a growth experience for our students, and I’m glad we have the opportunity to offer it to them,” she said.
Waldorf’s Communications department has helped to put on this trip every two years since 2004, but the Honors College has given students the opportunity to travel abroad for more than a decade. "It is so important for students to have an international trip opportunity," David Damm, communications department chair, said. "You learn so much about other cultures and about yourself when you travel abroad.”
This trip is held every other year, and is currently offered to students in the Honors program who are making good progress towards completion of Honors requirements and full-time Communications students who are in good academic standing.

Students attending are:
Cassidy Atchison of Allen, TX
Lauren Camp of Savoy, TX
Marisa Donnelly of Naperville, Ill
Dominique Forte of Skokie, Ill
Maggie Hawley of Missouri Valley, Iowa
Rachael Jordahl of Forest City, Iowa
Kevin Moore of Northfield, Minn.
Lauren Schryver of Farmington, NM
Teresa Stroesser of San Diego, Calif
Jenna Tegtmeyer of Clarion, Iowa
Kaylin Tlam of Dunnell, Minn.
Kaylee Vitale of Las Vegas, NV
Kristen Wilke of Elkader, Iowa
Chaperones include Suzanne Falck-Yi, director of the Honors College; David Damm, Communications Department Chair and Waldorf 1973 graduate; and Matt Dettman, trip coordinator and Waldorf 1997 graduate.
Family and friends can keep up-to-date with events on the trip by liking the Waldorf College 2014 Europe Trip Facebook page, where blog entries and photos will be posted regularly.
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