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Waldorf College Offers Two New Online Degrees

Jason Eck

Blame it on the bevy of TV crime dramas. Or voyeuristic reality shows.

Whatever the reason, there seems to be more people interested in what others are thinking—criminal, social or otherwise. Perhaps this interest in criminology and psychology may be linked to the online polls that show an increased interest in online bachelor’s degrees in psychology and criminal justice administration.

To meet this growing demand, Waldorf College now features accredited online degrees in psychology and criminal justice.

The Waldorf online psychology degree program features an integrated foundation of general and applied science, research methods and technical writing, health care management and human relations and development.

Courses explore complex and diverse theoretical approaches to areas such as cognition, behavior, perception and learning. Designed for professionals in entry- and staff-level positions in mental health centers and various social service agencies, the program offers a broad overview of the science of psychology.

A general overview is also offered in the criminal justice administration degree program. Students explore various areas of criminal justice such as criminal investigation, constitutional law, terrorism, justice system procedures and management. The historical foundations of criminal justice, agencies, processes and modern-day applications also are included in the curriculum. This program is tailored to meet the professional needs of those seeking entry-level positions or those striving for career advancement in the criminal justice field.

Both programs require students to participate in tuition-free three-day accelerated courses delivered in a traditional classroom format. These classes are conducted in popular U.S. locations and may be completed anytime during the student’s program of study.

Waldorf, a four-year college founded in 1903, delivers engaging experiences through innovative instruction in online and residential classes. The residential bachelor’s degree programs such as music, theater, education, business and communications. Other online degrees are offered in fire science, business administration and organizational leadership.

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