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Waldorf College Honors Faculty, Staff

Barbara Barrows

Among those honored April 28 was assistant professor of history and political science Blake Slonecker, who received the 2011 Holmen Award for Professional Excellence. "In just two years of service, despite joining a department and a campus community in the midst of major transition, Dr. Blake Slonecker has brought unfailing academic energy to Waldorf College," said Waldorf College president Joseph Manjone, who presented the award.

"Waldorf is a place where much is expected of new faculty very quickly," Slonecker said,"but it's also a place where recognition happens very quickly."

Another faculty member Bob AuFrance, assistant professor of theater, was given the 2011 Board of Trustees Outstanding Faculty Award.

"In an era when theater programs across the country are struggling, theater at Waldorf College has become an integral part in the tapestry of daily academic life. Dr. AuFrance has coupled 18-hour work days with a clear devotion to the mission of the college and his craft to challenge the prevailing winds of academia," said Michael Hillyard, a member of the Waldorf College Board of Trustees. AuFrance was touched by the award and thanked his fellow faculty members for their support. He also noted that several of his students will be joining the American Shakespeare Company.

Momo Wolapaye, director of residence life, was the recipient of the 2011 Holmen Award for Community Service for his selfless acts to help the community and student body. According to Jason Ramaker, Waldorf dean of students, "he is true and dedicated to the mission of Waldorf College to 'Live, Learn and Serve'. . . not only as a former student, but as an employee and community member."

The following were recognized for their years of service to Waldorf:

  • Five Years - Anna Moklestad, Christine Atwell, Laurin Lader, Mason Babcock, Al Eggebraaten, Lydia Gray, Jason Ramaker, Greg Youngblood, Wolapaye, Cindy Fitzgerald, Chad Gassman, Glen Wegge
  • 10 Years - Jodi Barkema, Mark Johnson, Kris Juenger, Duane Moe, Vickie Zobel, Sheila Willms
  • 15 Years - Mary Mathiasen, Steve Smith
  • 20 Years - Becky Hill, Diane Korte, Jim Amelsberg
  • 30 Years - Paul Bartelt

Waldorf, a four-year liberal arts college founded in 1903, delivers engaging experiences through innovative classroom instruction. The college offers residential and online bachelor's degree programs such as music, theater, psychology, physical education, fire science administration and criminal justice administration.