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Six Students Earn Scholarships From Waldorf College

Jason Eck

A high school senior from Humboldt, Iowa, won a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to attend Waldorf College, and five other students were awarded four-year $2,000 scholarships as part of Scholarship Day on Feb. 12 at the school.

The second event of the academic year drew 30 high school seniors from 10 states. Students from Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky, Arizona, California and Nevada took part in the contest. The first Scholarship Day of the school year on Dec. 4 drew 17 students.

“Many of them thought the experience was great whether they won or lost,” said Carl Childs, director of admissions. “With the book-loan program, there are really no losers.”

The following are the winners of the scholarships:

  • Full-tuition scholarship (worth $17,900 per year): Courtney Bailey of Humboldt, Iowa, Humboldt High School
  • $2,000 scholarship: Marisa Donnelly of Naperville, Ill., Neuqua Valley High School
  • $2,000 scholarship: Jenna Tegtmeyer of Clarion, Iowa, Clarion-Goldfield High School
  • $2,000 scholarship: Bethany Kluender of Huxley, Iowa, Ballard High School
  • $2,000 scholarship: Lindy Pins of Lake Mills, Iowa, Lake Mills High School
  • $2,000 scholarship: Samantha Dean of Jewell, Iowa, South Hamilton High School

The scholarships can be renewed annually if students maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Twenty-four students who were not selected for a scholarship will receive textbooks at no cost during their first fall semester through the school’s loan-a-book program.

Students must have met GPA and testing standards to qualify for the competition. Once on campus, students wrote an essay and interviewed with faculty and staff members. Students earned an overall score based on their GPA, test scores, essay and interview.

Students had the opportunity to tour campus, meet with faculty and learn about activities offered at Waldorf. Teens and their parents also participated in respective panels to get their questions answered.

Jess Kramer, 18, of Boone, Iowa, decided days before Scholarship Day to attend Waldorf. She said she had not come across a similar event in her search for a college.

“I’ve never heard of it,” Kramer said, adding that it was well worth her time given that, at the least, she was going to walk away with her books paid for and at the most, win a full-tuition scholarship.

Kendrick White of Kansas City, Mo., is thinking about playing baseball at Waldorf, one of three schools he is considering. He said he was impressed with Waldorf.

“I really like it,” he said. “I like the small feel. Everyone seems to know each other and are friendly.”

Waldorf will hold at least two Scholarship Days during the 2011-12 academic year. For more information, visit

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