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Waldorf College Reaches Out to Former Dana College Students

Jessica McBride

Waldorf College, a four-year liberal arts school, would like to extend its heartfelt sympathies to all students and faculty recently displaced by the closing of Dana College. The “home on the hill” will be missed. As you adjust to these changes, Waldorf wants you to bear in mind our diverse educational offerings, commitment to the student and competitive tuition costs and offer you a new home.

“We at Waldorf College understand what the displaced students are going through and want them to know we are here to offer them a strong, secure and viable education,” said Waldorf College President Dr. Joseph Manjone. “Such an abrupt change in your life must be difficult. However, we are ready to help students get back on course to realizing their dreams and enjoying a successful education.”

To aid in that success, Waldorf will accept all credits earned at Dana College and those students who have been accepted to attend Dana can automatically attend Waldorf. Financially speaking, Dana students will pay no more to attend Waldorf than they would or did at Dana College. Also, students will receive a $500 relocation scholarship during their first year in transferring to Waldorf.

Former Dana College students are asked to remember: Like Dana, Waldorf has a vital and intimate campus environment for those who want to be known, not just heard.

These are just some of the ways Waldorf offers an affordable, quality education for the “real” world challenges students must face. Located in Forest City, Iowa, Waldorf is a four-year, liberal arts college that delivers engaging experiences through innovative classroom instruction. Degrees in business, psychology, education, music, theater and wellness are just some of many choices available at Waldorf. The college offers residential and hybrid online bachelor’s degree programs.

For more information about Waldorf College, visit or call 800.292.1903.