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Student and Employee Honors

Alpha Chi Professor of the Year

Nominees for the Alpha Chi Professor of the Year are selected by members of Alpha Chi Honor Society, which sponsors this award. Unlike the other recognitions which are selected by the faculty and staff, the Professor of the Year is selected by a vote by the student body as a whole.

2013: Professor Dawn Johnson
2012: Dr. Paul Bartelt
2011: Professor Kristi Carlson
2010: Dr. Blake Slonecker
2009: Dr. Kelli Gardner
2008: Professor Nancy Farndale
2007: Professor Terri Lasswell
2006: Dr. Douglas Biggs
2005: Dr. Charles Gavin
2004: Professor Steve Smith
2003: Dr. Matthew Plowman

Board of Trustees' Outstanding Faculty Award

The Board of Trustees' Outstanding Faculty Award is awarded to a Waldorf College professor based on excellence in teaching, creativity and innovation in the process of teaching, dedication to Lutheran higher education and Waldorf College in particular, as evidenced by participation in College activities. This was formerly called the Board of Regents' Outstanding Faculty Award.

2013: Dr. Blake Slonecker
2012: Joe Wilkins
2011: Dr. Bob AuFrance
2010: Sheryl Fitzpatrick
2009: Dr. Suzanne Falck-Yi
2008: Dr. Kelli Gardner
2007: Steve Smith
2006: Dr. Robert Alsop
2005: Michael Farndale
2004: Mark Newcom
2003: Dr. Matt Plowman
2002: Dr. Gene Strand
2001: Steve Thompson
2000: Nancy Martin
1999: Dr. Chuck Gavin
1998: Kathy Garfin
1997: David Damm
1996: Jay Sierszyn
1995: Caroll Carson
1994: Paulette Church
1993: Dan Hanson
1992: Dave Bolstorff
1991: Dr. Robert Loken
1990: Dawn Johnson
1989: John Carlson
1988: Robert Abkes
1987: Ronald Eide
1986: Julienne Friday
1985: Dr. James Hamre
1984: Dr. Richard Baur
1983: Wayne Johns


A faculty member who retires, usually after ten or more years of outstanding service at Waldorf, is eligible for promotion to Professor Emerita or Professor Emeritus. Such appointments are made by the Board of Trustees.   

Robert Abkes, M.R.E., Professor Emeritus, Music and Religion
Neil Boyd, M.S., Professor Emeritus, Physical Education
John Carlson, M.Ed., Professor Emeritus, English
Kristi Carlson, M.F.A., Professor Emerita, Art
Caroll Carson, M.A., Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
Bradley Creswell, D.M.A., Professor Emeritus, Music
Ronald Eide, M.A., Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
Charles Gavin, Th.D., Professor Emeritus, Religion
James Hamre, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Religion and Philosophy
Kenneth Hansen, M.Ed., Professor Emeritus, Speech and English
Wayne Johns, M.ED., Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
Adrian Johnson, LL.D., Professor Emeritus, Music
Frank Kovach, M.B.A., Professor Emeritus, Business
Robert Loken, D.A., Professor Emeritus, English
David Rasmussen, M.A., Professor and Assistant Dean Emeritus, Industrial Education
Timothy Schmidt, D.M.A., Professor Emeritus, Music
Robert Sherman, M.A., Professor Emeritus, History
Eugene Strand, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Computer Information Systems

Holmen Community Service Award

This award is presented to faculty or staff members who are distinguished in their service to Waldorf, the Forest City Community, the church, civic organizations, service organizations, and volunteer efforts.

2013: Mr. Matthew Knutson
2012: Ms. Nancy Olson
2011: Mr. Momo Wolopaye
2010: Ms. Mary Mathiasen, Ms. Vickie Zobel
2009: Ms. Mary Graham
2008: Ms. Kristi Osheim
2007: Mr. Duane Polsdofer
2006: Professor Rebecca Hill
2005: Professor Shanen Aranm├│r
2004: Professor Julie Holtan
2003: Mr. James Benson
2002: Ms. Nancy Farndale
2001: Ms. Joan Hansen
2000: Professor Dawn Johnson
1999: Mr. Allen Indrelie
1998: Professor Robert Sherman
1997: Ms. Alice Lewison, Mr. Donald Meyer
1996: Professor Sue Sierszyn
1995: Mr. Keith Kramer, Ms. Jan Schnitzler
1994: Ms. Rebecca Hill
1993: Ms. Patty Bendickson
1992: Ms. Anna Marie Mitchell
1991: Ms. Martin Rogness
1990: Ms. Ruth Erickson (Melby)
1989: Ms. Maxine Pint, Ms. Shirly Rollefson

Holmen Professional Excellence Award

This award is presented to faculty or staff members who exhibit excellence in professional development, quality of professional knowledge and performance, professional integrity and manner, leadership in their field, and/or publication and scholarship. Their service and leadership to professional organizations on a regional or national level is taken into consideration.

2013: Ms. Anna Moklestad
2012: Ms. Twylah Kragel
2011: Professor Blake Slonecker
2010: Mr. Brian Keely, Professor Joe Wilkins
2009: Professor Kimberly Murphy
2008: Mr. Mason Harms
2007: Professor Kristi Carlson, Mr. Jim Kapoun,
2006: Mr. Robert Johnson
2005: Professor Suzanne Falck-Yi
2004:  Ms. Charlotte Frederickson
2003:  Professor Doug Biggs, Mr. Scott Pitcher
2002: Professor Paul Bartelt
2001: Professor Mark Newcom
2000: Ms. Tamara Kuhnau
1999: Ms. Twylah Kragel, Mr. Dennis Stugelmeyer
1998: Mr. Mark Gilbertson, Mr. Denny Jerome
1997: Mr. Steve Hall
1996: Ms. Mary Ann Bartz, Mr. Robert Johnson
1995: Ms. Kathy Olson
1995: Professor Kenneth Hansen
1994: Professor Wayne Johns, Ms. Marie Oleson
1993: Mr. Roger Hadley
1992: Professor Jim Hamre
1991: Ms. Charlotte Fredrickson
1990: Professor Tim Schmidt
1989: Professor Robert Loken
1988: Professor Paul Bartelt, Professor Ruth Ann Kovach

President's Award

Each year the President's Award is presented to the senior whose record shows outstanding academic achievement, leadership, character and service – a person who reflects the highest ideals of the mission of Waldorf College. The selection process involves a vote by members of the senior class and input from members of the faculty in the upper division programs.

2013: Jeff Bodensteiner, Ashley Lutrick
2012: Megan Dobberstein
2011: Alicia Danielson
2010: Sarah Leichsenring
2009: Emily Hedum, Lisa Balvanz
2008: Eric Mukendi, Amanda Schlumpberger
2007: Audra Hovick, Josh Enderson
2006: Josh Damm, Nicole Robertson
2005: Chase Chisholm
2004: Dan Darting
2003: Craig Hoekema
2002: Nathan Anenson
2001: Kathy Merten
2000: Talia Salberg
1999: Lois Tiedemann
1998: Timothy Stouffer Jr.
1997: Momo Wolapaye