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Campus Alcohol Policy for Outside Groups

The purpose of the Campus Alcohol Policy for Outside Groups is to guide how the provision and consumption of alcohol at College events covered by this policy should be managed. The objective is to promote the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors and while so doing, to protect against legal liability.

1.0    The College shall allow responsible use of alcohol by outside groups at the following campus facilities when not in use by students:

  • Atrium
  • Fireside Room
  • Field House
  • Theatre
  • Breen Hall Classroom
  • Anna Marie Mitchell Conference Room
  • Art Gallery
  • Oak Knoll
  • Any Outside Area

2.0    Guidelines for campus alcohol usage at campus events sponsored by outside groups are as follows:

  • No person under 21 is to consume alcohol or be served or supplied with alcohol. 
  • Photo identification with proof of age must be produced on request by anyone wishing to be served or consume alcohol.
  • No person must be served who appears to be intoxicated. No person who appears to be intoxicated must be permitted to leave the venue until reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the person’s safe accompaniment or transport.
  • No activities are to be permitted that involve a reasonably foreseeable risk of harm.

3.0    The Alcohol Policy Review Committee (APRC) advises and makes recommendations on all matters relating to the administration of the College liquor license, the sale or provision of alcohol at campus events, and associated safety and risk-management issues.

4.0    Members of the APRC shall include:

  • Dean of Students – Jason Ramaker, Chair
  • Vice President of Marketing & Communications – Jessica Brown
  • Vice President of Operations  - Rick Cooper
  • Director of Food Services – Brian Keely
  • Professor of Religion – Steve Smith

5.0    The APRC is responsible for distributing the Campus Alcohol Policy and for proposing revisions to it.

6.0    The APRC is responsible for liaison with the management of licensed facilities on campus to ensure that they continue to operate in conformity with the College liquor license and with all applicable laws and policies.

7.0    All outside groups wishing to serve alcohol at a Waldorf College facility must purchase catering services through Aramark, the Waldorf College food service provider. Requests to use alternative caterers must be approved by the APRC.

8.0    The College shall encourage responsible use of alcohol through:

  • education and awareness programs that identify the risks associated with alcohol provision and consumption;
  • strict adherence to legal requirements and College policies affecting alcohol provision and consumption at College events;
  • encouraging a balance in favor of "dry" events and programs;
  • maintaining guidelines for alcohol-related advertising on campus which conform to the Campus Alcohol Policy.

9.0    Outside groups wishing to hold events at which alcohol may be served, whether on or off-campus must submit a description of the proposed event for approval to the APRC, explaining how the event will be conducted in conformity with this Policy, no later than 14 days before the date of the proposed event. The proposal shall contain the information set out in the “Event Proposal Form.”

10.0  Outside groups holding events approved under this Policy are required to document and report any violation of this Policy or applicable laws to the Chair of the APRC and the Approving Authority no later than three days after the incident. Any incident involving personal injury or property damage shall be reported forthwith.

11.0  The Chair or the APRC may ask campus security to monitor events from time-to-time, on and off-campus, to ensure compliance with applicable laws and College policy.

12.0  Failure to comply with this Policy, or any applicable laws may, at the sole determination of the APRC, lead to suspension for the non-compliant individual(s) or group(s) of the privilege of holding events where alcohol is served.

13.0  The sanctions imposed under this Policy do not diminish or replace the penalties available under generally applicable civil or criminal laws. Outside groups are reminded that infractions may also violate various federal and/or local laws.

14.0  All advertising must adhere to the Liquor License Act. The drinking of alcohol may not be promoted, the pricing of alcohol may not be communicated, and advertising may not be targeted to underage drinkers. Alcohol manufacturers (e.g., breweries, distilleries) are not permitted to advertise on campus.