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Julia Maier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 641-585-8131
Fax: 641-585-8194

Ph.D. in Psychology – Iowa State University, 2011
M.S. in Psychology – Iowa State University, 2008
B.A. in Communications, Psychology – Lycoming College, 2004

Research Interests:

My primary research interest lies in the study of media and the self. The core questions that drive my research ask why we are drawn towards the media, how our experience with the media is modified by our self, and how that experience can affect the future of the self. I have been involved in number of different research projects and each project has provided an important step in the development of my own research goals. Currently, I am incorporating theories of Terror Management and Self-Determination to explore these questions on an existential level.

Additional Information:
Recent Publications:

Maier, J.A. & Gentile, D.A. (2012). Learning Aggression through the Media: Comparing Psychological and Communication Approaches. In L.J Shrum (Ed.) The psychology of entertainment media: Blurring the lines between entertainment and persuasion (2nd Edition). New York: Taylor and Francis.

Gentile, D.A., Maier, J.A., Hasson, M.R. & Lopez, B. (2011). Parents’ evaluation of media ratings a decade after the television ratings were introduced. Pediatrics, 128, 36-44.

Brocato, E.D., Gentile, D.A., Laczniak, R.N., Maier, J.A., & Ji-Song, M. (2010). Television commercial violence: Potential effects on children. Journal of Advertising, 39, 95-108.