Tuition Refund Policy

Refunds are subject to state policies.  For information about refund policies in specific states, please see the State Licensure page of the Waldorf College website.

Students who wish to drop/withdraw from a course or withdraw from their program should complete the Course Drop/Withdrawal Form located in myWaldorf Student Portal.  Alternatively, students may withdraw in any manner by contacting the Office of the Registrar.  Any refunds due will be issued within 30 business days. Tuition refunds for course withdrawals are based on the Refund Policy for Online Programs.  All students that drop/withdraw from a course after the drop date will be charged a 20 percent registration fee, up to a maximum registration fee of $150 for the term. * Full tuition and registration fee will be refunded for cancelling a course within 7 calendar days from the term start date.  The remaining tuition will be refunded based on the course start date and the tuition percentage amounts listed below or the applicable state refund policy, whichever is more student friendly.

Refund Due:

1st week: 100%
2nd week: 80%
3rd week: 60%
4th week: 40%
5th week: 20%
6th week: 0%

* This registration fee does not apply to Iowa residents

Refunds are issued from 0-percent to 60-percent completion of calendar days in the term, in compliance with regulatory requirements.  Therefore, refund eligibility occurs up to the 60-percent threshold, prior to the conclusion of Week 5.

Students are not permitted to withdraw from a course after the term end date.