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Scholarships - Past Recipients - 2011

Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship


Rachel Haynie – Norfolk, VA (Spouse of U.S. Navy Service Member) “At the age of 35, I finally received my Associate’s degree in Psychology. This end to a very long journey came with much delight!

Loretta Mueller – Stewartville, MN (Spouse of Firefighter) “The Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship will be helpful to meet the daily needs of my family while I am in school. I plan on using my degree to advance in my current position at the Mayo Clinic. Long term, I plan on developing my hobby and passion of Interior Design and creating a lucrative business that will take me into my retirement years.”

Jennifer Burgess – Hayes, VA (Spouse of Firefighter) “The opportunity to attend Waldorf College would greatly enhance the career choices I could have with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. A degree in Business Administration could assist me in strategic planning for my business and aid in better business decision making with hopes of greater success. Both my husband and I come from families where our parents did not have degrees, so we want to create a cultural change within our immediate and extended family.”

Amy Richards – Columbia, SC (Spouse of U.S. Army Service Member) “I am the mother of 4 children and the wife of a soldier. I am hard working and dedicated, and I plan on going back to school regardless of the circumstances because it is truly very important to me.” 


Christopher Stone - Las Vegas, NV (Dependent of U.S. Air Force Service Member) “If I were given this opportunity it would be a selfless act. It would not just affect one life, it would affect a tremendous amount of lives. My goal is to become a psychologist so I can help others with their problems. I believe that this program is a great opportunity to help me accomplish this goal so I can change my life.”

Ashley Brinkman – Manly, IA (Dependent of Firefighter) “The Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship will allow me to invest more time and money into advancing my education once I get a teaching position. This scholarship has a very close meaning to my immediate family, and as a firefighter family, we find being considered for this scholarship to be an honor. This will allow me to continue volunteering and helping the people in the community.” 

Sailor of the Year Scholarship

Maria Johnson (Chief of Naval Operations Shore Sailor of the Year) – A native of Dallas, TX, Johnson enlisted in the U.S. Navy in November 2000. In June 2011, she was assigned to Maintenance Control where she earned her “Safe for Flight” qualification. As of January 2012, she was assigned to VFA-131.

Louis F. Salazar (Pacific Fleet Sailor of the Year) – A native of San Jose, CA, Salazar enlisted in the U.S. Navy in August of 1999. As Detail Operations Chief for Khelegay, Afghanistan, he led 16 Seabees in the planning and execution of 2.2 million of contingency construction. He led 58 Seabees in two highly successful 48-hour embarkation exercises and a Field Training Exercise. As of 2011, he was deployed to Camp Covington, Naval Base Guam.

Angela Zamora (Fleet Forces Sailor of the Year) – A native of Ecuador, Zamora enlisted in the U.S. Navy in June 2000. While assigned to the Navy Recruiting District in New York, Zamora was selected as the Junior Sailor of the Year and ultimately received a meritorious advancement to First Class Petty Officer.

Douglas Newman (Navy Reserve Sailor of the Year) – Newman enlisted in the U.S. Marines in 1992. In 1996, Newman enlisted in the Arizona Army National Guard. In 2001, Newman enlisted in the Navy Reserve. In 2005, Newman volunteered to deploy to Iraq with the 30th Naval Construction Regiment. After his deployment, Newman concluded his enlistment and moved to Washington State. In 2010, he re-enlisted in the Navy Reserve where he was assigned to NSF Kitsap and is currently considered a Senior Enlisted Leader. 

National Sheriff’s Association Scholarship


William Wainman – Gettysburg, SD