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Step 1: Complete the application for admission.
Please submit your academic transcripts along with your application. Military transcripts and professional licenses and certificates should also be included if applicable. You can use the Waldorf Transcript Request Service to collect your transcripts or may fax corresponding documentation to (251) 224-0573. Please indicate on your application if you are eligible for tuition assistance through Military TA, DANTES or VA.

Step 2: Waldorf will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your application and provide you with a detailed evaluation report.
This report will outline courses you need to complete, transfer credit accepted, and complete instructions on enrolling in your selected program of study. You can request priority evaluation service for a $25 fee to guarantee that your completed application packet be evaluated within 1 business day. Otherwise, after initial review, applications take 2 business days to evaluate based on the volume of applications received by Waldorf at that time. 

Step 3: Contact the admissions department or visit our website to enroll.
The Waldorf Admissions Department will walk you through the process of enrolling and registering for your first course. Even if we are still missing copies of the transcripts we need to complete your evaluation, you can enroll immediately under Temporary Admissions Status. As a Temporary student, you may complete up to 12 undergraduate semester hours. Once all official transcripts are received and evaluated, an Application Evaluation Report will be issued and your status will be changed. For more information, please refer to the Admissions Status page.