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David Damm, M.A.

Communications | Professor of Communications, Program Director Communications - Online

M.A. - University of Iowa
B.A. - University of Iowa
A.A. - Waldorf College
David Damm is a Professor of Communications, specializing in news writing and photography. Professor Damm earned his B.A. in communications, history and political science at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and his M.A. in communication studies at the University of Iowa, with an emphasis in photography.

Damm spent 13 years in community journalism as a reporter and photographer for the Forest City (IA) Summit prior to joining the Waldorf faculty. He enjoys teaching a diverse set of courses in communications including Mass Media Law, News Writing, Intermediate Journalism, Mass Media and Society, Digital Imaging and SeniorCapstone. Damm also leads Waldorf students on an educational tour of Europe (Italy, France and England) for three weeks every other spring/summer.

He continues to be active in his field as a newsletter editor and contributor to a variety of news outlets. Damm is the adviser to the college’s newspaper, which has regularly placed in national competitions for general excellence. His research interest is in convergence journalism—the need for beginning media members to be skilled in writing, audio, video and web areas.

Damm has twice been honored for his teaching excellence, once by the college’s Board of Regents and once by the student honor society. During his newspaper years he was honored for his news writing and photography and has had a photograph exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

He is a member of the Forest City Education Hall of Fame (1994).