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Tuition & Payment Information


A full-time student living on campus can expect the following charges: tuition, comprehensive fee and residential living charges.

Full-time Tuition

  Annually Per Semester
Tuition $19,804 $9,902
Comprehensive Fee $1,080 $540
Room and Board $6,994 $3,497
Total Cost of Attendance $27,878 $13,939
Overload Tuition $566 per credit hour  

If a student is enrolled in eighteen (18) or more credit hours during a semester, an overload charge for each credit hour over seventeen and one half (17.5) will be assessed.

Part-time Tuition

  • $269 per credit hour - for 1 to 8.5 credits
  • $539 per credit hour - for 9 to 11.5 credits

Comprehensive Fee

  • Full-time Students - $1080 annually
  • Part-time Students - $118 annually

The comprehensive fee for all students covers admission to student activities, athletic events, use of library and learning resources, campus ministry, campus health services, and other services generally available to students. A portion of the fee goes directly to the Student Senate to support the many student activities and organizations. Students are also entitled to receive three transcripts at no charge.

The comprehensive fee for full-time students also includes membership at the Forest City YMCA, accident insurance and the laptop service fee. The comprehensive fee is charged to students each semester the student is enrolled.

Residential Living

Housing with Meal Plan Annually Per Semester
Double Room $6,994 $3,497
Breen Room / Ormseth Single $7,592 $3,796
Single Room $8,192 $4,096
Theme Room $7,592 $3,796

Waldorf offers three meal plans for our students to choose from at the same cost.

  • 19 meals per week & $125 Flex (required for first-year students in their first semester)
  • 12 meals per week & $225 Flex
  • 125 meals per semester & $300 Flex

Commuter meal plans for off-campus and Timberland residents are also available.

Course Fees

The extraordinary cost involved in offering certain classes may involve an additional course fee. Please check course listings for the fee amount.

Other Fees

Private Instrumental Lessons
1 credit hour $296 per semester
2 credit hours $495 per semester 
Private Voice Lessons  
1 credit hour  $360 per semester 
2 credit hours  $555 per semester 
Independent Study $61 per credit hour 
Directed Study $85 per credit hour