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Admissions Status

Online students may enroll at Waldorf University under any one of the following statuses:

  • Temporary: Application has been submitted but has not been approved. Student has not been evaluated for transfer credit.
  • Conditional: Application has been approved. Transfer credit has been evaluated based on copies of transcripts.
  • Accepted: Application has been approved. Transfer credit has been evaluated. All required official transcripts are on file.

Conditional Admissions Status

Conditional admission allows undergraduate applicants to enroll in a program for up to 12 semester credits based on copies  of official high school transcript or equivalent (if transferring with less than 12 semester credits) or copies of official post-secondary transcripts, pending the receipt of official transcripts.

For graduate applicants, conditional admission allows them to enroll in a program for up to six semester credits based on copies of official post-secondary transcript(s), pending the receipt of official transcripts.

Temporary Admissions Status

Students who wish to begin enrolling in online courses immediately after their application has been received may do so under temporary admission status and, while temporary, may complete up to 12 undergraduate credit hours or 6 graduate hours. Once all official transcripts have been received and evaluated, an Application Evaluation Report will be issued and, pending a favorable review, the student’s status will be changed to “accepted.” Conditional status is not available to students under temporary status.

When enrolling in courses while under temporary status, the student is responsible to select courses that will fulfill the course requirements of his or her selected program of study. For assistance on course selection for online students, students may contact the Assistant Registrar for online programs.

Before enrolling under temporary status, the student should make certain they meet the Waldorf admissions requirements of holding a high school transcript or GED. Waldorf only accepts transfer academic credit from institutions accredited by agencies that are recognized by the Department of Education (DOE) or, for non-U.S. institutions, approved by the World Education Service (WES). Federal Student Aid is not available to students under temporary admissions status.

Issuing Waldorf Transcripts

A Waldorf transcript cannot be issued while a student is on temporary status. A Waldorf transcript may be issued for students on conditional status but will not list transfer credit. Students with accepted statuses may be issued a Waldorf transcript listing all institutional credit.

Falsification or omission of information on university applications may be cause for rescinding admission acceptance.