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Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Waldorf’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice is designed to provide the student with a broad base of knowledge in the three primary areas of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. This foundation includes the Waldorf general education curriculum, numerous courses in the criminal justice arena, and courses in sociology and business. The program provides students with the general education, discipline specific, and technical knowledge required to succeed in the criminal justice workplace.

Available Concentrations

Estimated time to complete this bachelor’s degree program is four years with full-time enrollment.

B.A.S. Degree Requirements

  • Completion of the B.A.S. core curriculum (30 Credits)
  • Completion of the required courses in a major field (30 Credits)
  • Completion of additional courses (including any supported courses required by the major in other departments) to a total of 120 credits depending on the major
  • A grade of C or higher in all coursework in the major and, if applicable, in the concentration(s)
  • 2.00 cumulative grade point average for work completed at Waldorf (Some majors may require a cumulative GPA higher than a 2.00)
  • Minimum of 30 upper-division credit hours
Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
Major Requirements 30
CRJ 2000 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 2001 Theory and Practice of Law Enforcement 3
CRJ 2200 Theory and Practice of Corrections 3
CRJ 2501 Criminology 3
CRJ 3301 Judicial Process 3
CRJ 3601 Criminal Law 3
CRJ 3950 Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice 3
CRJ 4301 Management and Supervision Skills for Criminal Justice Personnel 3
BUS 3602 Principles of Management 3
REL 4035 Life, Meaning, and Vocation 3
Professional Electives 60
Any Waldorf courses may be selected from the catalog and course schedule to be used as electives, provided that they are not used to satisfy other program requirements. The following are sample electives. The concentration option listed above may also be used toward elective credits.
CRJ 3201 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 3
CRJ 3701 Criminal Investigation 3
CRJ 3801 Criminal Evidence and Legal Issues 3
CRJ 4001 Procedures in the Justice System 3
CRJ 4101 Diversity and Ethics in Criminal Justice 1
CRJ 4201 Probation and Community Corrections 3
CRJ 4701 Criminal Justice Organization and Administration 3
BUS 3210 Business Law 3
BUS 3352 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 3551 Information Systems Management 3
POL 1010 American Government 3
SPC 1010 Speech Communications 3
Grand Total:   120

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Major Requirements
Total Credits: 120