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The Four Pillars

These four pillars describe the Waldorf University experience: Tradition, Passion, Community and Success. They are foundational to Waldorf’s history, reflective of Waldorf’s present and aspirational to Waldorf’s future.
Founded in 1903, Waldorf University’s core strengths are its history and strong values. Our original founders valued service to community—and that hasn’t changed. Our longevity is due to academic excellence, solid traditions in fine arts and a broad program of athletics. But most importantly, we understand this experience as a gift from God that comes with a responsibility to serve the world.
Past and present, our students make Waldorf University who it is today, and who it will be in the future. With students from more than 30 states and 27 different countries on campus, Waldorf University appreciates the diversity our students bring to our learning community and the enrichment it brings to us all.
Our faculty and staff take great pride in teaching and serving our students. They carry and instill the values, traditions and mission of Waldorf University. In or out of the classroom, on campus or online—we take great pride in helping our students pursue their passions, reach their educational goals and leave Waldorf with a solid foundation to begin their careers.
Located in the heart of Forest City, Iowa, Waldorf offers a vibrant, yet safe, environment for students. Students appreciate being able to quickly walk around campus thanks to the close proximity of the dorms, academic buildings, campus center and athletic complexes. Online, our students are also part of our community with supportive staff and faculty helping them every step of the way. Whether on campus or streaming online, we are all Warriors.
Leading the charge for change since its inception, Waldorf has always had scholastic innovation at its core. Our approach couples the traditional classroom setting with the latest online courses, providing all of our students—whether they’re in Forest City or not—with an academic experience that fits their needs. At Waldorf, we help our students succeed.