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An Engaging Community of Learning and Faith

Our Mission

Waldorf University seeks to be an engaging community of learning and faith where relationships are formed and opportunities for learning and service abound. Our mission is to educate the whole person, emphasizing integrity and equipping students to succeed, empowering them to better serve the communities where they live and work.


The vision of Waldorf University is to prepare graduates for lives of service within their communities, churches or places of employment. To achieve this, Waldorf is committed to instilling in its students a desire for lifelong learning and support of the arts, an appreciation for cultures outside of their own and a regard to their faith in relation to the world in which they serve.



Academic Excellence
Since 1903, Waldorf University has instilled in its students the Lutheran tradition of excellence in higher education centered on a well-rounded curriculum that encourages positive, impactful experiences. Waldorf’s approach to education liberates the way students think, inspiring innovation and personal growth.    
Community Service
Waldorf charges students to be mindful of their community responsibilities, preparing them for lives of service within their communities, churches and places of employment.
Devotion of Faith
Students are encouraged to explore the meaning and depth that faithful devotion can play in providing direction, purpose and a moral foundation to their lives. The questions that religion poses for the living of life and the unique perspective that Christianity can give to the meaning of life are explored with academic rigor.
Lifelong Learning
Waldorf values freedom of inquiry and learning through the exchange of ideas in open conversation and teaches lifelong learning by instilling endless curiosity in its students.
Waldorf introduces a world of knowledge to its community by encouraging students from different cultures to build and cultivate lasting friendships, empowering them to experience the world through multi-disciplined points of view.