ING Financial Partners, Cedar Rapids, IA; Des Moines, IA; Iowa City, IA

Job Description: Financial Advisor Internship

Position Type: Internship (Approximately one semester; flexible hours during the fall, spring, or  summer term)

Company: ING Financial Partners provides customers and financial advisors with a vital link to the latest financial products and services in the marketplace. The company’s independent advisors offer financial resources and advisory services to assist clients in realizing their financial objectives. ING Financial Partners is an affiliate of ING, a financial institution currently ranked #12 on the Global Fortune 500. ING offers banking, insurance, and asset management to over 85 million private, corporate, and institutional clients in more than 50 countries while maintaining a diverse workforce of over 107,000 employees.

Position Overview: The Financial Advisor Internship provides both an exciting and rewarding opportunity to gain considerable exposure to the financial services industry. Interns will learn how to effectively survey potential clients with viewpoints. Interns will further obtain a valuable overview of the financial services profession by shadowing experienced advisors and by reviewing engaging training materials. Finally, interns will enhance their professional communication skills by learning the client acquisition process and by creating sample financial plans.  
Position Responsibilities:
• Complete approximately 10-20 survey viewpoints and review clients’ feedback.
• Read and summarize dominant themes from John C. Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, as well as Patrick Kelly’s Tax Free Retirement.
• Conduct 10 office interviews with influential business and/ or community leaders.
• Participate in job shadowing with experienced financial advisors during an initial meeting, fact finder session, and closing interview.
• Produce hypothetical financial plans, including a risk management plan, using programs such as Money Guide Pro and ING Presents.
• Review Brainshark educational videos.
• Provide administrative assistance for office projects and workshops.  

Skills/Qualifications: Candidates should exhibit strong leadership, discipline, and interpersonal skills, as demonstrated through exceptional academic performance, leadership involvement in student organizations, and/or participation in intercollegiate athletics. Candidates should further be interested in pursuing career opportunities in the financial services industry.

Work Authorization Requirement: US citizen status

Contact: Interested candidates should submit a resume, along with a completed Personafax Career Analysis form, to:

Attn: David Tigges, Managing Director
ING Financial Partners
123 Third Street NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
(319) 321-2265
Fax: (319) 626-7699

*Personafax Career Analysis forms may be obtained via email. 



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