Student Medical Insurance Information

Waldorf College is vitally interested in making your academic and personal experience meaningful and successful. Your health and wellness are key components of that experience.

Primary Coverage

Waldorf College requires all residential students with 12 or more credit hours to carry adequate health insurance that is accepted by providers in the Forest City, Iowa area (i.e. Mercy or Mayo systems). This requirement can be met either through a family employee health plan, private insurer, or the plan offered by the College through Bollinger Insurance. Below is a brief summary of the college plan.

Student Accident & Sickness Plan Highlights

  • Coverage Dates: 8/1/13 - 8/1/14
  • 25 Year Olds and Younger Annual Cost: $1,713
  • 26 Year Olds and Older Annual Cost: $2,378
  • Preventative and Wellness Services (100% In Network Coverage, Zero Deductible)
  • First Health Network
  • $500,000 Aggregate Maximum, $250 Deductible (can be waived if referred by Student Health Services at Waldorf College)
  • 70% In Network Coverage
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage when Pre-Approved

Each illness or injury requires the student to complete a claim form for each new illness/injury. The athletic training staff or health service staff will help the student with these forms. Failure of the student to complete the required paperwork will result in the claim being denied.

The following can be found on

  • Plan Brochure
  • Online Waiver* (Beginning July 1, 2013, deadline to waive coverage is September 9, 2013)
  • Claim Forms
  • Request Duplicate ID cards

*Please note: Waiving online does not guarantee waiving off the Bollinger plan. The plan you are waiving with needs to be adequate and comparable to this plan. If you are unsure, contact Bev Retland in the Business Office at or 641.585.8144

Before You Waive Coverage Please Consider:

  • If you currently have health insurance under an HMO or PPO, your network may not provide adequate
  • coverage for providers in the Forest City area and may not be adequate to waive.
  • The school plan provides nationwide coverage for when you’re at home during the holidays, traveling with your team, and even during the summer months between academic years.
  • Employer health insurance plans may “age-off” dependents while they are still full-time students. Parents should check this provision in their current plan.
  • Given the facts, please consider the low cost of this plan for 12 months of benefits. We encourage you to compare this to your current plan or shop for other adequate coverage.

Secondary Accident Insurance

Waldorf College’s full-time residential students are automatically enrolled in a supplemental accident insurance plan from August 1, 2013 through August 1, 2014 each year with no additional cost to the student. Please note, this is for accidents and injuries only. It is also an excess plan and never pays as primary; it does not cover illnesses, and only pays after the student’s private health insurance has been processed.

It is always the student’s personal responsibility to pay their medical bills. All students need to rely on their own personal health insurance at all times. Please note the following important considerations with respect to this insurance:

  • The accidental supplemental insurance is filed only after primary insurance has been processed and only under certain conditions.
  • The injured student must see a licensed provider within 30 days of the incident or this insurance will reject the claim.
  • Claims arising from self-inflicted injuries will not be covered.
  • Claims arising while the student is under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be covered.

Any amount not covered by the student’s personal health insurance or the supplemental plan is the responsibility of the student and not the responsibility of Waldorf College.

Waldorf never pays for any provider visits. Bills are always the student’s responsibility.

It is important to see or contact the athletic training department or health services immediately following any injury, unless it is an emergency. If the situation is an emergency, the student must still notify the athletic training department or health services within 48 hours of the emergency room visit.

The athletic training staff or health service staff, along with the student, will determine the correct course of action following an injury (i.e. ER, Family Physician, Orthopedist, treat in house, etc.). If a referral to an outside source is necessary, the athletic trainer or health services will follow the necessary procedure in filling out a claim form and injury report.

An injury report must be made to the coach or athletic trainer immediately when the accident/injury occurs. This is how secondary insurance will verify the claim. The athletic trainer or your coach will be able to give you your secondary insurance card to present to your provider.

When seeing a provider, present the student’s personal health insurance card and Waldorf’s secondary insurance card at check in. The provider will submit your claim to your primary insurance and then to Waldorf’s secondary insurance. Any balance not paid by either insurance company is the student’s responsibility.

If you have any questions, please contact Bev Retland in the Business Office at or 641.585.8144.