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New Student and Family Summer Orientation - Friday, July 11, 2014

Our July orientations are geared towards the new incoming student and family to help inform and prepare everyone for the arrival in August. Students and family will get a head start and the opportunity to meet other students, faculty, and staff while listening to helpful information sessions that will get the first year student and family better acquainted with campus. Students will get a chance to complete some of the necessary steps for check-in that all other students don't get to complete until the fall, which will help to speed up the process on move in day - allowing more time to get settled into your residence hall room. It is hightly recommended that student and famileies attend this orientation!

Parents in the Past have said:

"Everything was wonderful and informative. The staff and students willingness to help, made us feel right at home."
"Fun, friendly, and informative."
"There was great information for parents!"
"This orientation helps parents feel at ease."
"We feel that our daughter will be in good hands, thank you!"

Orientation AttendeesStudents in the past have said:

"It was really nice to meet my fellow classmates and get all my questions answered."
"It was a great way to feel part of campus before we arrive in Aug. ."
"I got to meet students that will share my major."
"A great way to meet faculty."
"I am much less nervous about coming back in the fall."
"The student information sessions gave me insight into what to look forward to when I arrive in the fall."
"I now know I'm at a friendly, small college, where everyone wants you to succeed."
Fall Orientation 
Fall Orientation is required of all first year students.

General Orientation - Friday, August 22 - Saturday,  August 23, 2014

Fall Orientation 2014 for First Years who are not required to attend the Athletic orientation dates will begin Firday August 22, 2014.  Check in will be held in the Salveson Lobby from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, with orientation events starting at 6:00 pm.  Saturday orientation events will begin at 9:00 am and continue throughout the day. This program is designed for students beginning their Waldorf experience to become familiar with the campus and their peers. At orientation, students will learn information about their curricular and co-curricular lives at Waldorf College.

Long distance arrival and check-in information:

Thursday, August 21 will be the fly-in arrival date for non-early arrival long distance travelers. Fly in date for international students  is Wednesday, August 20. Students that live on campus may arrive and move in directly to their residence hall from 2 pm - 9 pm on their fly in date. These students will begin the check-in process on Wednesday, August 22 beginning at 8:30 am in the Salveson Lobby.  

Specific Orientation dates

Tuesday, July 29 – First Year Volleyball, Soccer, Football Students (only) Fly-In Date  
Wednesday, July 30 – First Year Volleyball, Soccer, Football Students Check-In
8:30am-12:00pm Check In (Salveson Lobby)
3:00pm-11:00- Orientation begins
               Student Services Welcome Meeting
Thursday, July 31 – Fly in date for returning Volleyball, Soccer, Football
          All day - Orientation Events
Friday, August 1– Returning Volleyball, Soccer, Football Move-in/Check In
          8:30am-12:00pm Check In
Friday, August 15 – Theatre, Cheer & Select COM Majors Check In
          8:30am – 10:30am Check In (Salveson Lobby)
Monday, August 18 – Music Check-In
                    8:30-10:30am Check-In (Salveson Lobby)
Wednesday, August 20 – International Students (only) Fly In
Thursday, August 21 – Non-Early Arrival First Year Students Fly In
Friday, August 22– Non-Early Arrival First Year Students move in
8:30am-12:00pm Check In (Salveson Lobby)
4:00pm-5:00pm Convocation (Atrium) & Picnic Dinner
6:00pm-11:00pm Orientation (Required for all First Years who did not attend the Athletic orientation dates)
Saturday, August 23rd – Fly in date for Returning/Transfer Students
9:00am- 11:00pm- Orientation Events (Required for all First Years who did not attend the Athletic orientation dates)
Sunday, August 24th – Returning /Transfer Student Check In & Activity Day (all are welcome to attend)  
10:00am-1:00pm Check In (Salveson Lobby) Offices will be open from 10am-3pm.
Monday, August 25thFirst day of classes

All students that are arriving before their scheduled camp day must be approved and confirmed 48 hours in advance. Any early arrival requests must be sent through the Office of Student Life who can be contacted at studentlife@waldorf.edu or at (641)-585-8160. 

Waldorf Orientation

Required Forms

Please bring the following information or completed forms to Summer and/or Fall Orientation:

Living on Campus

All students are required to live on campus and be on a meal plan for the first three years. For more information on our residence halls, forms, roommate assignments and housing assignment information please go to the residence life page.