Recent Research Projects

Recent projects completed by Waldorf students:

Peter Eggebraaten
A Physical Intellect

Ashley Lutrick
Effect of deforestation on microbial biodiversity within the Amazon Rainforest and the presence of potential novel Actinomycetes

Read more about Eggebraaten's and Lutrick's project.

Past projects completed by Waldorf students:

  • War on the Home Front: A Question of Loyalty Concerning the First World War in New Ulm, Minnesota.
  • The Future of Insider Sources in Environmental Journalism
  • Childhood Obesity: An Epidemic with which to be Reckoned
  • The Unseen and Unknown: Postpartum Depression (Psychology)
  • The Loss of a Friend: The Silence of William Pitt on American Policy, 1770-1773 (History)
  • Wagner and Nietzsche (Music)
  • Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: Comparing the novel with two film versions (English)
  • The Impact of UV Light on the Eggs & Larvae of Rana pipiens (Biology)
  • C.S. Lewis’s Theory of Romance (English)
  • Miranda Warnings: Are You Protected? (Political Science)
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling in the ELCA: A National Survey (Religion)