HumanitiesThe Humanities BA (HBA) is an interdisciplinary program. Students take courses in art, music, literature, humanities, philosophy, religion, theater and history in addition to coursework in a particular area of concentration. Students may concentrate in a single discipline such as Creative Writing or Religion, or they may develop a cross-disciplinary concentration such as global studies or women's studies. Rather than focusing students on one field of study, the HBA program offers a broad liberal arts education, focusing on developing critical thinking, writing and research skills.


While some HBA students continue their education in graduate programs (e.g. English or History) or professional schools (e.g. Law or Seminary), others enter the workforce immediately, finding employment in museums, theatres, music organizations, churches, or publishing firms, among others.

All HBA majors must complete a minor (minimum 20-21 credits) in a field of choice and complete HUM 301, HUM 302, and one interdisciplinary or I-course. HBA majors must also complete at least seven courses in four different disciplines for a total of at least 21 credits from the following choices: Art, Creative Writing (200-level or above), English (205 or above), History (250 or above), Honors 200, Music History (300, 330, applied lessons* or ensembles), Theatre (Practicum, 315-330, 340, 385 or 415), Philosophy (201 or above), Religion (300-level or above) or Foreign Languages. HBA majors must complete either a 3-6 credit Internship (HUM 495) or a thesis (HUM 497).

A Humanities Minor (21-23 credits) requires the completion of HUM 301, HUM 302, and five courses in four different disciplines from the same choices listed above in the Humanities major.

The bachelor's degree requires completion of 124 credits, a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, and a grade of C- or above in all required courses in the major.

* Students who choose applied lessons in voice or instruments need to consult with Music faculty about the appropriate level before enrolling.