Auxiliary Services

The library provides several auxiliary services for all users of the Luise V. Hanson Library.  For questions about any of these, contact the library (641.585.8110) or stop by the circulation desk.


Fax transmission is available all hours the library is open.
 Library staff will operate the fax machine unless special arrangements are made. 
Faculty/staff fax transmissions will be billed to departments for college business.
 Personal fax transmissions by faculty/staff will be paid upon receipt of the transaction.
 All users other than faculty/staff will pay for transmission upon receipt of the transaction.


Sending 1st Page Each Add'l. Page
Domestic $1.00 $.50
International $3.00 $.50
Receiving 1st Page Each Add'l. Page
  .50 .50


A copier is available in the copy room (adjacent to the reference desk area). Copies are $.10 per page. Staplers, a hole puncher, and a paper cutter are available for use in the copy room.


A microfilm reader and printer is available for use in the copy room. Please inquire at the circulation desk for assistance in using the machine.


The library offers laminating services at the following rates: department--$1.00/ft., personal--$2.25/ft. Items dropped off for laminating will be available for pick-up on the next business day.


A scanner is available for public use at the workstation across from the circulation desk. An additional scanner is available for faculty in the Ihle Faculty Research Center.