Vision Statement

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we live, learn, work and educate. As faculty we need to improve the learning environment. To do so we must be willing to learn new strategies and tools that will create teaching environments in the classroom that are models for student learning. Essentially, faculty learn, teach and model academic technological tools that keep pace with the world community. As educators, we need to make our students technologically literate. As their mentors, we need to give our students the tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create in a technological world.

It also must be recognized that the swiftness of technological change is so explosive once a program or tool is learned, it has changed. Therefore, educators need to understand and teach process. We need to give our students the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn what they know. We need to make students better learners. In doing so, technology will become transformational, in effect, maximizing student learning; raising our own expectations; encouraging student-faculty interaction and in turn, creating more meaningful educational connections for students, faculty and the community at large.