Nine professors to present at Waldorf College’s annual Fall Faculty Inquirere

Waldorf College

Forest City, Iowa – Waldorf College students are not the only ones hard at work this semester. College faculty will be presenting their research projects and papers at the school’s annual Fall Faculty Inquirere Nov. 5 and 7.

“Inquirere allows our community to see the scholarly activities of our faculty,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Scott Searcy. “This gives us an opportunity to show that our professors are experts outside of the classroom.”

Inquirere, a Latin verb meaning to inquire, search, or seek after the truth, occurs three times a year; once in the fall for faculty and twice in the spring, once for faculty and once for students.

“We've got great faculty engaged in their academic work, and we'll hear all about their fascinating investigations at this Faculty Inquirere,” said Associate Professor of English Joe Wilkins, who helps organize this event each year.

“One of the primary jobs of a college professor is to look closely at some part of the world–whether that be ecological systems or systems of literary thought–and make sense of it for the rest; to create new knowledge and understanding,” said Wilkins.

Community members are encouraged to attend one or several of the presentations, which take place in the Waldorf College Small Pit located inside the Atrium. A brief question and answer session will follow each presentation.

Monday, Nov. 5

6 p.m., Dr. Julia Maier
“Attention and Level of Processing: Movie Viewing Styles and the Priming of Aggressive Cognition”

6:30 p.m., Dr. Robert W. Klaver and Dr. Paul Bartelt
“Spatial analysis of Northern Goshawk territories in the Black Hills, South Dakota”

7 p.m., Dr. LeAnn Nash
“Reconnecting to the Line Behind Us: Using Socrates to Rethink Tutor Training”

7:30 p.m., Professor Sarah Luebke
“Performing in the ‘Topsy-Turvy’ world of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado”

Thursday, Nov. 8

6 p.m. Dr. Blake Slonecker
“Sex Underground: Women’s Liberation at the Seattle Helix”

6:30 p.m., Dr. Adam Luebke
“Recent Performance Practice Trends in the Music of Tomas de Luis Victoria”

7 p.m., Professor Betsy Yaros
“Divas, Glitter, and Glue: Experiments in Mainstreaming Queer Identity”

7:30 p.m., Professor Tiffany Olson
“Graphic Design Research: Equipping design students with social research skills to become more informed designers”