Waldorf College Experts Directory

For the members of the media only.

Welcome to the Waldorf College Faculty and Staff Experts Directory. The list below provides information about faculty and staff experts who can offer the media insight and expertise on a variety of topics.

To set up an interview with any of the following Waldorf College faculty and staff, please contact the Waldorf Marketing Department at 641.585.8268 or email marketing@waldorf.edu.

We look forward to working with you!


Dr. Bob Alsop
Expertise: Higher education, liberal arts, faith-based institutions, academic affairs, American literature, Shakespeare

Dr. Bob AuFrance
Associate Professor of Theatre
Expertise: Theatre, playwriting, scriptwriting, cinema, comic books, history of American pop culture and television.
Non-academic: Professional wrestling, antiquing, and cooking (desserts)

Dr. Paul Bartelt
Professor of Biology
Expertise: Ecology and natural history of amphibians, U.S. Forest Service - the ecology, management, and wildlife of our western forests, Iowa’s natural history, climate change and nature of science

David Rask Behling
Associate Dean of Accreditation, Assistant Professor of English
Expertise: Humanities, newspaper columns, personal essays, German
Non-academic: Star Trek

Dr. Suzanne Falck-Yi
Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Literature, grammar, honors programs, and writing

Kristi Leonard
Associate Professor of Wellness
Expertise: Holistic wellness, health promotion, health education, worksite wellness, and postsecondary student development

Tiffany Olson
Assistant Professor of Communications
Expertise: Graphic design and advertising
Non-academic: Skin cancer, specifically melanoma

Dr. Missy Reynolds
Assistant Professor of Wellness
Expertise: Exercise and fitness

Dr. James M. Scarry
Assistant Professor of History
Expertise: History of US Foreign Relations, German History, Nazi Leadership, World War II, Cold War, Berlin Wall Crises, The Holocaust, Terrorism, Military History, Foreign Policy, Politics

Dr. David Sollish
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Expertise: Musical Theatre, American Theatre, American Film and Television, Country Music
Non-academic: Baseball, Elvis Presley

Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor
Associate Professor of Music and Keyboard Area Coordinator
Expertise: Classical music, music history, ethnic music, and Iceland


Barbara Barrows
Director of Marketing
Expertise: Cake decorating and baking

Teresa Coombs
Adjunct Professor
Expertise: Kenpo Karate

Ryan Flickinger
Head Baseball Coach
Expertise: Baseball, NAIA eligibility center, recruiting, working with college athletes
Non-academic: Social media, wellness, fitness, training

Kristi Osheim
Manager of Athletic Operations
Expertise: Sport administration
Non-academic: Customer service, customer relations, cooking, fundraising, social media (Pinterest)

Duane Polsdofer
Financial Aid Director
Expertise: Financial aid, student budgeting, credit cards, credit reports

Please see below for media interviews with Waldorf experts on recent issues. Opinions expressed by these experts represent their personal perspectives, not those of the College. 

Waldorf College reaches gold standard
Forest City Summit | November 21, 2012

Why You're Working More
KIMT | November 15, 2012

Colleges work to identify, track troubled teens
Globe Gazette | October 6, 2012

How are Those Brooms Standing?
KIMT | March 9, 2012
Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Gary Coombs comments on the phenomenon of standing brooms.

Advice on making those resolutions stick
Forest City Summit | December 28, 2011
Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Cassie Eno explains the motivation behind making resolutions at the start of a new year.

Broadcast Stations vs. FCC
KIMT | January 11, 2012
Associate Professor of Communications Mark Newcom comments on Federal Communications Commission's power to regulate the broadcast industry.

Special Report: Germs Germs Everywhere
KIMT | November 15, 2011
Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Gary Coombs analyzes samples of commonly found germs for KIMT.

Drinking Turns Dangerous for College Students
KIMT | October 10, 2011
Area Coordinator Sera Ranaivoson talks about dangers of drinking among college students.

Libya Impacts Locally
KIMT | August 23, 2011
Assistant Professor of History Dr. James Scarry comments on the war in Libya.