Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

Eligible active-duty members of the U.S. Coast Guard can receive Coast Guard Tuition Assistance (CGTA) for classes taken off-duty. CGTA will reimburse eligible participants 100 percent of the amount paid for tuition and fees within the set cap:

  • $250 per Semester Credit Hour
  • $166 per Quarter Hour
  • $4500 per Fiscal Year

To apply for CGTA, fill out the TA Application (CG-4147) pdf and follow the directions listed at the bottom of the application.

Please note that CGTA does NOT cover the following:

  • application, entrance or enrollment fees
  • record-maintenance fees
  • student activity fees/student i.d.
  • course registration fees
  • textbooks and manuals
  • non-consumable materials
  • assembled items available commercially (such as computer, televisions, robots, etc.)
  • fees for flying time, flying lessons or non credit aviation classes
  • parking fees
  • cost of tools, protective or other equipment
  • certification courses, tests or licenses

Enlisted members must complete all courses authorized by CGTA prior to discharge, retirement or RELAD.  Officers must complete one year of service after completion of the authorized course.  Officers agree not to request release, separation, retirement or termination off SELRES status for 12 months following the completion date of the last courses authorized for CGTA.  SELRES member must maintain at least 'minimum drill attendance' at satisfactory participation for the duration of the program.  Civilian employees who have completed 90 days of continuous employment with the U.S. Coast Guard must agree to remain employed with the Coast Guard one additional month for every credit hour completed through CGTA. Temporary civilian employees must have completed 12 months of employment and must have one month of remaining contracted employment time for every credit hour they plan to complete.