Associate in Arts in Homeland Security

Homeland Security DegreeWaldorf’s Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts combines core studies in the liberal arts with the opportunity for students to select specific areas of concentration. This provides a broad base of knowledge in several subject areas, along with the option to more deeply explore a specific area of interest.

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Homeland Security Concentration
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was developed following the 9-11 attacks. American awareness of terrorism has become more prevalent since that time, and the DHS has grown to become the largest Federal law enforcement agency in the United States. Reflecting the foundational knowledge and skills of the DHS, Waldorf’s Homeland Security concentration focuses on topics related to: terrorism, American homeland security, tactical response operations, and weapons of mass destruction.

Option to Continue Towards a Bachelor’s Degree
For students who may wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the future, the associate degree program is designed to prepare for entry into Waldorf’s bachelor’s degree programs with upper division standing. This A.A. concentration also satisfies the requirements for the Homeland Security concentration within Waldorf’s B.S. program in Criminal Justice.

Estimated time to complete the Associate in Arts program is two years with full-time enrollment.

Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
CRJ 2050 Introduction to Terrorism 3
CRJ 3000 American Homeland Security 3
CRJ 3050 Terrorism Response Operations 3
CRJ 3500 Weapons of Mass Destruction 3